Filio Louvari

Art Director

Municipality of Milos Festival celebrates it’s 26’s year. Renewed and extroverted returns in two beloved venues: The Ancient Theatre of Milos and Milos’ Conference Centre “Georgios Iliopoulos”. From June 15th until July 1st will host theatres, music performances, stand up comedy, concerts and other performances. Be there, because “Only a shared world can exist” (Tasos Leivaditis)

Filio Louvar’s Resume

Filio Louvari was born in Athens. She graduated Highest Professional Dance School “Morianova – Trasta” (National Diploma for Classic and Modern Dance Teacher), National University “Paris 8” of Paris (Master Degree in History, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Modern Dance), the Dance Academy  “Isola Danza” of Venice’s Bienalle (Choreography) and Acting Lab “Akis Davis” (Acting). She has also studied the Piano and Higher Music Studies in National Music School of Athens.

She is a 23 year active performer on dancing and theatre acts and has collaborated with choreographers and directors in Greece, Cyprus, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and England. She teaches Dance for 15 years, Theatre for 8 years and she directs since 2008. She was awarder with scholarships of the Greek National Scholarship Foundation, National Scholarship of  Venice’s Bienalle and the Sponsorship of the NEON Culture and Development Foundation in order to organise the Performance – Exhibition “4 Μάη | Ν 36° 72’54’’ , Ε 24° 44’33’’ | May 4″, hosted in Adamas Sanctuary of Milos, with the photographer Mady Lykeridou.

In 2005 she moved to Milos and founded the “Milos Dance & Theatre Center”. A year later she foundet the team Performance Project, an Acting and Performance Lab for teenagers and adults, with many live performances around Milos. Besides being the artistic director of the 26th Municipality of Milos Festival, Filio Louvari is coordination and communication manager of the First International Theatre Festival of Milos.