…And look, we got here (before Tourlou)

With the story of the building of Milo ‘s Conference Center “Georgios Iliopoulos” as a starting point, and taking its inspiration from “But at nights” poetry by Tasos Leivaditis, Performance Project teenagers and adults company present its sixth production and ………of the 26th Municipality of Milos Festival 2019.



And look, we got here without luggage but with such a beautiful moon
And I dreamed of a better world
Poor humanity, you couldn’t write even one more chapter
Like a piece of wood from a sad shipwreck our elder continent travels

But at nights how beautifully that the earth smells

(Tasos Leivaditis)


Artistic Direction – Choreography: Filio Louvari

Texts: Tasos Leivaditis and the Company


Chrysa Veleta, Emmanouela Vichou, Vasia Kartsiouka, Elena Koronaiou,

Filio Louvari, Vassiliki Misailidi.

Duration: 15 minutes