Sunday 23 June 2019

Music School of Milos
``Milion Texnes``

Giorgos Zambetas Tribute

His life and work was a famous , neverending and magical world! A world full of powerful feelings, beautiful sunsets but with a lot of burdens on its shoulders because of the problems society faced. Not even rain can wash away, the hypocrisy, the Detainment, the ugliness and the sadness that «engulfe» the Greek society. His spontaneous character and exquisite humor managed to marry sensitivity and Causticity.
Eternal and one of a kind, great composer and performer, he charmed with his musical instrument the world and left his mark in our hearts with his songs and his appearances in the cinema. His unique talent and his unique style established him as a great showman.
This concert-tribute in George Zampetas will lead us in a dreamy musical journey with melodies that stand out.
We invite you, sit side by side, like old times, to hear some beautiful musical notes and enjoy ecstatic music.

Creative Team

Narration : Kalamari Maria & Filliol Marion
Texts : Kalamari Flora
Lighting designer: Dimitris Poulimenos
Sound designer: Dimitris Poulimenos
Guitar: Pantelis Koundourakis
Nick Hatzigiannis
Greek traditional  instrument bouzouki: Manolis Kentrotas
Fragkios Aivaliotis
Percussion instruments: George Katsikas
Keyboards : Joulia Vagena
Dimitris Moraitis
Roula Diakaki
Dina Gioti
Tania Koletsiou
George Spantidis
Zissimos Katris
Vivi Barbadimou
Nick Hatzigiannis
Duration: 2 Hours