Saturday 13 July 2019


LE.MO.M. anex event


Giannis Zouganelis invites you to a musical, interactive performance highly confessional.

It is exposed to the end.

Confessed, revealed, self-confessed, self-defeating, self-defeating, degraded.

We will be explained and misunderstood.

Giannis Zouganelis plays, sings, listens to you, compiles situations with the recipients.

You are also a co-star.

Together they sing and play: Panagiotis Avgerinos and Alexandros Zouganelis. Actor Tania Rokka participates.

Creative Team

Light Designer: Dimitris Poulimenos
Sound designer: Dimitris Poulimenos
Μpouzouki: Giannis Pournaras
Bass-Mandolin: Michalis Darmas
Drums: Kostas Spyratos
Percussion: Filippos Vasilopoulos
Piano: Vasilis Ntroumpogiannis
Piano: Thalis Triantagillou
Video-Art : Panos Zenidis
Giannis Zouganelis
Panagiotis Avgerinos
Alexandros Zouganelis
Tania Rokka
Duration: 1 Hour