Milos Festival 2019

Art has always been a substantial way of Connection with each other, a Common Destination, a Consolation . The Stage is the platform where Dream meets Reality on. That’s where spectators and actors become what they wanted, to escape their everyday routine. This is why the theatre in the ancient years, was considered as a place for people to heal their souls.

Inside the ancient theatre of Milos, even when the stage is empty, spectator can’t miss the background: Water, the sea and the Passage to the Adamantas bay, the only natural entrance to the island.

A few meters near the Theatre’s entrance, Milos found – and eventually lost – it’s precious. Aphrodite said goodbye sailing on these waters, exiting this Passage, seeing for the last time the Theatre

How can we leave something beloved behind? How can we accept their loss? How do we find the courage to continue without them? How dow we manage the impact of an audible absence? How do we give value to whatever reminds us of it, until the time it comes back to us?

While the Ancient Theatre is a monument of the same prestige as the statue of Aphrodite of Milos, there is a tendency for it’s presence to be considered obvious, just because it is here and Aphrodite is missing. Perhaps because the Theatre is a building, while Aphrodite has human form. Just like the story of the Prodigal Son in the bible where the parent naturally is affected to the missing child…

However, The Ancient Theatre of Milos is here, renovated and ready to serve it’s purpose: To host acts of high culture. To be the core of a cultural renaissance in local, national and global level, along with the “Aphrodite’s Museum” that will be inaugurated this year, 2019, The Year of Aphrodite. To prove that the theatre is not just another monument, just another excavation, a place for the summer travellers to walk by, a part of a tour.

We owe to give it the Life it deserves. To resurrect it through Art. To make it a place for people to meet, exchange ideas, escape the reality and dream. To make it a place suitable for people who want to create and share.

Also this year, we are glad to announce that our Festival will include the properly equipped for concerts, yard of Milos’ Conference Centre “Georgios Iliopoulos” as a venue, so every show will be host in the proper setting.


Filio Louvari