Wednesday 26 June 2019

Theodore Kotonias
Milos Music School

City lost in a dream

Thodoris Kotonias comes to Milos, a guest from the “Milos Arts” music School for a unique evening at the ancient theatre.
He stole “the keys” of our heart with one of the greatest successes of recent years by singing for the …Dishonest Heart…..
Τhodoris Kotonias in a musical performance , with the songs that we loved such as “keys”, “Spring”, “Balloon”, “come to see you”, “Two streets”, “Tama”, “the Thios” and many other beloved traditional songs.
A musical journey through lyricism and Dionysian frenzy over mountains and seas , East and West , in the familiar atmosphere that the artist knows how to create and we never know where he will finally take us…..
Thodoris Kotonias the songwriter who stole the hearts of his audience with the song “key” –one of his greatest successes recently-he will be with us at the 26th Festival of the Municipality of Milos to sing his own songs, traditional songs from all over the Greece and not only;
His melodies will be accompanied by the Music school of Milos with the traditional choir under the direction of Mr.Kosta Symeonidi and the phonetics teacher Mrs Mikidou Maria.

Creative Team

Song ,Percussion instruments: Theodore Kotonias
Song , Guitar: Michael Atsalis
Violin: Chris Psaromiligos
Song : Maria Mikidou
Lighting designer: Dimitris Poulimenos
Sound designer: Dimitris Poulimenos
Music School’s traditional orchestra:
Clrisa Veleta
Αndroulidaki Εva
Vlamis Antonis
Μathioudaki kristallia
Xidakis Νatalia
Αnagnostakis Vasilis
Pirpinia Thiresia
Vamvakari Tzouli
Κiritsi Χaido
Αntoniadou Chrisanthi
Μalli Aphroditi
Μountsaki Εlpida
Gousiopoulou Οlimpia
Duration : 2 hours & 40 minutes