Wednesday 17 June 2019

Borrowed Shoes

Borrowed Shoes

A solo & a cappella musical performance

Christina Maxouri, after the recent release of her first solo album “To aspro mama nostalgo”, with lyrics by Eleni Fotaki and music by Aggelos Triandafillou, released by Mikri Arktos Publications and after two successfull cycles of performances at Stavros tou Notou in Athens, she once more will “wear” those “Borrowed Shoes” for a performance in the 26th Festival of the Municipality of Milos.

The actress and performer, “borrows” famous and much loved melodies – from Hadjidakis and Theodorakis to Xarchakos and Spanos, from thraditional songs to George Bizet, and she sings them a cappella, intertwining them with reading excerpts of major pieces of modern Greek literature (Ritsos, Elitis, Anagnostakis, Leivaditis, Hadjidakis, Nikolakopoulou,and more) playing at times the glockenspiel and a small baglamas, in a handmade and “at home” performance, which aims to abolish the distance between the performer and the audience. This sensitive atmosphere is completed and enlarged on stage on the second part of the performance by three virtuoso musicians: violinist Michalis Vrettas, cellist Sofia Efkleidou and trombonist and pianist Vasilis Panagiotopoulos, all through the scope of Stavros Roumeliotis’ (Usurum) musical arrangement.

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Creative team

Performance: Christina Maxouri
Song selection: Christina Maxouri
Violin/song: Michalis Vrettas
Cello/song : Sofia Efkleidou
Trombone & piano/song : Vasilis Panagiotopoulos
Musical arrangement: Stavros Roumeliotis
Sound designer/engineering: Yannis Paxevanis
Lighting designer: Nikos Vlasopoulos
Photographer: Marili Zarkou
Palm tree-umbrella construction : Myrto Kosmopoulou
Production manager: Lina Tziata
Duration: 1hour 20mins (no intermission)